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Termite inspection in Inner West has been helping homeowners, businesses, and local governments in the Greater Metro West area with termite inspection services since 1990. With a variety of advanced termite treatment products available, termite inspection in Inner West offers effective yet not hazardous termite treatments without compromising termites health and safety. With only the best materials available on the market, Proved Termite Control offers safe, non-harmful treatments, and effective treatments as well. Proved Termite Control has been helping homeowners, businesses, and local governments in the Greater Metro West area for over twenty years, with an average termite inspection and treatment process lasting up to two years.

With over twenty years of combined experience and expertise, termite inspection in Inner West offers comprehensive termite treatment, termite inspection and treatment, and pest control services to help homeowners, businesses, and local governments in the Greater Metro West area with termite treatment and termite control. Termite inspection in Inner West has over twenty years of combined experience and has helped more than twenty,000 homeowners and companies throughout the greater metro West area with termite issues, termite infestation and other termite pest management needs.

Termites are actually insects, but they don’t have wings. Their name comes from the fact that they are commonly referred to as ‘wingless’ insects. Their bodies are short and they have small heads and thoraxes. Their front legs have four legs, their rear legs have three, and their abdomen has one pair of compound eyes and five pairs of elytra. The majority of termites will live underground, however, and those that do reside on the surface must be killed or removed before they can create problems for the home or structure being infested.

For termites infestation, there are a variety of methods used. These methods range from using special insecticides, liquid traps, or trapping termites inside the structure with the use of baits traps.

Termite bait is basically a substance that attracts termites to it; it could be anything, such as sand, cork, paper, wood chips or other materials. This bait could be applied to the building, along with the use of an insecticide, so that termites cannot eat the bait from the outside. Baits are a form of termite bait that consist of food items that are designed to attract termites to them, such as sawdust, wood chips, paper, or dry leaves.

Baits are also referred to as ‘trap baits’ because they are designed to attract termites and keep them inside the structure they are placed in. There are different types of baits that may be used for different kinds of infestations, and each one may be designed to work differently for the particular type of infestation being treated. Baits are often baited with baits that are designed to release chemicals into the ground to kill termites; these baits can be placed near vents, under the floor of the structure, under the structure itself, or anywhere else where termites will gather, or to where they can get to them; for example, on the roof, floorboards or along the exterior wall.

Baits come in a variety of colors; some baits may be brightly colored or camouflaged to look like plants, while others are white or yellow. Other baits may not be colored at all, which means that termites cannot see them and eat them, making them ineffective when it comes to termite control.

Termite trap baits are also effective in termite control, but they require the assistance of a professional in order to be effective. The process is basically simple: a technician will insert a bait into the holes he or she is working on, allowing the bait to stay in place until termites come and eat it off. The trap baits are usually placed in the ground close to or beneath the foundation of the building in order to keep termites from digging under it. Knock Down Pest Control can help you with your termite pest control, termite treatment, termite protection needs. Call them now.